Visual Studio Code is a simple yet highly extensible code editor. As developers, we spend a lot of time here-which is why it’s so important to get the most out of our editors and streamline and automate where possible.

As we enter 2021, I’ve compiled a list of extensions that I personally use daily in the hopes that it will help you save time and enhance productivity this year. Do note that while the extensions highlighted below are suitable for all languages, there are language-specific plugins that are also worth exploring.

How To Install a VS Code Extension

In this tutorial, you will use ShazamKit to detect music playing and send it as a message to a chat with the Vonage Client SDK for iOS. ShazamKit is available in iOS 15 and above, which at the time of writing is in beta.


Vonage API Account

To complete this tutorial, you will need a Vonage API account. If you don’t have one already, you can sign up…

Flutter is gaining more and more popularity, so we decided to build a simple application that allows making video calls between two devices. Two technologies used to build the app are Flutter and Vonage Video SDKs. Let’s quickly recap these technologies:

This application is a Flutter equivalent of the…

More developers become aware of the functional programming paradigm by the day. This paradigm promises bug-free, efficient code because pure functions are easier to test and parallelize.

In practice, fully-fledged functional applications are still an abstract thing. However, certain concepts from the functional programming paradigm are more and more often applied to non-functional languages. Also, this “partially functional” approach helps solve many common “problems” in a better way.

Today we will take a closer look at one of such functional concepts — pure/impure functions.

NOTE: We will use Kotlin based pseudo code to define our functions, keeping the examples basic…

We’ve built this example using JDK 16, Gradle 7.1 and the Vonage Server SDK for Java v.6.4.0

The Vonage SMS API is a service that allows you to send and receive SMS messages anywhere in the world. Vonage provides REST APIs, but it’s much easier to use the Java SDK we’ve written for you.

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to send SMS messages with Java! View the source code on GitHub.


Hopefully, you already have a basic understanding of Java programming — we’re not going to be doing any highly complicated programming, but it’ll help you get up and…


I am a software developer turned developer advocate. Every day when I wake up, it seems like a dream to me. I am a lifelong learner. Having the opportunity to share what I learn with the community is truly important to me.

I’m completing one month working as a Developer Advocate at Vonage. I thought I would share some resources and insights on what the journey has been like so far.


With the pandemic, we’ve at times been forced into virtual interactions with our family and friends. But even with a pandemic going on, our lives have continued. People are still getting married; birthdays still come around once a year for everyone.

So when my birthday came around, it also reminded me of something my grandmother used to do every year. She’d call me first thing in the morning and sing happy birthday down the phone to me.

This memory triggered an idea in my head to create a birthday time capsule where all of your friends and family call a…

A Bit Of History

Users are interacting with mobile applications via various screens, usually composed of multiple Views. The way developers deal with these user interactions has changed a lot during the Android platform lifetime by using multiple patterns. In the early days, developers were using the Model-View-Controller pattern then the Model-View-Presenter pattern (or Model-View-Intent). Finally, we moved to the Model-View-ViewModel pattern recommended by Google. The “view manager” has evolved (Controller/Presenter/ViewModel), but the “View” part itself hasn’t changed that much. The most significant change was the usage of Fragment as building blocks for UI instead of Activities like in the early days.

Through all…

Being a freelancer, I have helped a couple of local businesses in India implement Vonage products. Recently, one of my clients asked if they can get a reminder email when the Vonage balance is below a specified limit as they don’t want to hamper their operations because of insufficient balance. Almost all of my clients use Google Workspace, so I decided to create an integration of Vonage and Google Apps Script to create this workflow.

Google Apps Script allows us to manage all of Google apps using one platform in the cloud. The best part is that the authentication is…

Vonage Dev

Developer content from the team at Vonage, including posts on our Java, Node.js, Python, DotNet, Ruby and Go SDKs

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